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Estonian crowned Wife Carrying Champion

The Wife Carrying Championship may be considered to be an ultimate celebration of a couple's devotion to each other. Estonia took both gold and silver at the annual event in Finland.

What is a better way to show your love to the rest of the world than by taking your wife, throwing her over your shoulder, and then running like the clappers around a two-hundred-metre track?

Estonian Madis Uusorg finished first, despite having Inga Klauso on his back, upside down, with her legs around his neck.

As far as the rules are concerned, a wife may weigh at least 49 kilos, unless she'll be burdened with a rucksack containing additional weight. There are two jumps and one water obstacle, and a husband has to complete the track as fast as possible.

If one spills the spouse, he'll be imposed a fifteen-second penalty. It is vital to avoid if you want to win the star prize, the weight of your wife in beer.

“Well it is open to everybody. You know we say that even if you are below the regulation of 49 kilos, you could be given an extra weight to carry, and if you are above 49 kilos they don't stop you from being here either. So I've always vowed that I'll be coming back here until I've won the beer,” said Julia Galvin, a competitor.

Finnish folklore says a local bandit only accepted people into his gang who could prove their worth surmounting a challenging track with a heavy sack. But the legend says they became so adept they started using their skills to bag local beauties.

“You know, the great things about this kind of events around the world are that you get to be a part of the culture, something important to the people. We are from America and it gives us a reason to travel. Meet new people and figure out what they are like and what they are into,” shared James Lafferty, a competitor.

This event has certainly got the legs to run for years, at least as long as they keep offering the beer.