Family spy scandal

When at home, members of one Egyptian family only communicated with each other in writing - for 11 years. This was a precaution against bugs they thought were installed in their apartment.

As RIA Novosti reports, citing local media, when they first discovered the devices they changed the apartment. But this did not help – they soon found more bugs in their new home. This was allegedly the revenge of the family head’s ex-wife, who could not resign herself to the divorce. So the man, Mohammed, his new wife and the daughter decided to “talk” to each other via written messages.

This was certainly tiresome. Finally, after many years, the man turned for help to technical specialists. Their findings were somewhat unexpected and shocking for the family. The devices turned out to be fake. And it is unlikely real bugs will ever appear in their house because Mohammed’s first wife recently died. If he does not divorce his second one, of course.