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21 Dec, 2011 14:58

Budge up, guys: Supersize seat for Russian XL MP Valuev

Russia’s big, and so is one of the deputies in the country’s new Duma. The assembly hall of the parliament’s lower chamber has had to order a special chair for ex-heavyweight boxer Nikolay Valuev, the Russian Giant.

A retired professional boxer, Nikolay Valuev is 213 cm (6.9 feet) tall and in one of his last fights weighed in at 146 kg (321.8 pounds). From his height, the Duma seats look kids’ size.When RT caught up with the heavyweight-champion-turned-deputy, Valuev almost shied away from the “chair” question.“It is a usual chair,” Valuev insisted, but confirmed it had been made to special order.  “It is same as for all the other deputies, the same width,” he told RT. “It is only the back which is a bit higher. But today it was still quite uncomfortable to sit in it. I asked that when the chair is adjusted, that the back be made lower so that it would not strain my back. I have asked again today. Maybe they will readjust it.”It is not the first time Valuev has had to ask for an XL size. Back in 2005, after beating American John Ruiz in the WBA heavyweight title bout, Valuev requested a larger Champion’s belt as he could not fasten the regular one.This is Valuev’s first mandate in the Parliament. A member of the United Russia party, Valuev will represent the Siberian region of Kemerovo. This is Valuev’s first mandate in the parliament, where he has joined the housing policy committee.