Diamond snack leads thief to forced X-ray

Diamond snack leads thief to forced X-ray
A diamond worth $16,500 was found in the stomach of a man arrested for theft in northern Spain.

­The case began when a British woman turned to the police to report that her purse had been stolen while she was dining in a restaurant. She said the purse contained 2,000 euros and 500 British pounds, as well as an expensive diamond pendant and other valuable items.

According to the victim, while she was eating two men entered the restaurant and took a table behind her. They later disappeared, and that is when she realized that the purse was no longer around.

Police arrested the suspects hours later during a regular vehicle check. Most of the stolen items were found in the car.

As the perpetrators were being arrested, an officer noticed one of the suspects raising his hand to his mouth. This was enough grounds to take all four to a hospital for X-rays, which revealed the expensive diamond hidden in one man’s stomach.

According to police, they did not carry out any special procedures to remove the jewelry, instead waiting for nature to take its course.