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11 Jan, 2012 09:12

Blast kills 1, injures 8 police in North Caucasus

One policeman has been killed and eight injured in a blast in Russia's southern republic of Dagestan. Two other policemen have been injured in other incidents that hit the republic in the last 24 hours.

The first incident occurred late on Tuesday when a police group was attempting to defuse six connected bombs placed on the road. The handmade devices, each a 65-liter plastic container filled with explosives, were found dug into the ground. Placed 10 to 15 meters from each other, they were connected by wires. The blast occurred after two of the bombs had been destroyed and police experts were attending to the other devices. A police bomb-disposal specialist was killed and eight other policemen injured. Works to continue defusing the network have been resumed early on Wednesday. The past 24 hours have not been quiet for the republic. In a separate incident, one militant has been killed and one policeman injured in an operation that is still underway in the Kizlyar district. Two other militants reportedly escaped from the scene. Counter-terrorism operation has been introduced on the territory with additional forces, vehicles and even helicopters arriving.In another instance, a policeman and his teenage daughter were injured in an attack carried out early on Wednesday. The criminals set the policeman’s private car on fire, and when he and his family went outside to see what had happened, they started a shooting spree. The two wounded have been taken to hospital.Dagestan is one of Russia’s North Caucasus republics, marred by intense violence connected to militant activity.