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28 Mar, 2010 04:10

Cosmonaut blogger reminisces on six months on ISS

Two spacemen who recently returned to Earth after a stint onboard the International Space Station have shared their impressions of the trip in Star City near Moscow.

The crew was made up of American astronaut Jeffrey Williams and Russian cosmonaut Maksim Suraev, who was the first-ever Russian to blog online from orbit. He described his everyday space life and shared his feelings and thoughts with Internet users.

Maksim explained that he just wanted to reveal the magic world of space to ordinary people to make it a little bit more familiar for them and in some way to promote space, raising people’s interest in what he says is just his job. And he added that he felt like the mission was successful as thousands of people have visited his blog over the past six months.

It was the first trip for Maksim Suraev and the journalists asked him about the strongest feelings he had during the trip.

“What kind of space have I seen? Huge space. It was… how should I put it? Dark, cold and scary. You know, I liked it very much. It is a really difficult, interesting and dangerous job to go into outer space. You have no margin of error, because if you make a mistake the price to pay will be very high,” replied Suraev.

Both Maksim Suraev and his NASA astronaut colleague Jeffrey Williams spent six months circling the Earth. They returned home on Thursday, March 18.

In a special interview to RT, Maksim spoke about the particulars of hygiene in orbit, fears of getting lost in space and his future plans concerning the ISS.