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18 Feb, 2010 04:14

Climate chaos continues: who’s at fault?

As the debate over climate change heats up and some scientists continue to maintain that global warming is caused by humans, others are claiming it is all part of a clever marketing scheme.

Head of National Energy Security Fund Konstantin Simonov said to RT, “The global warming theme is a fine opportunity to sell goods with an ecological margin. I mean you come to a shop and see expensive merchandise. You ask: Why so expensive? They reply: Friend, it's ecologically clean merchandize. Purchase it and you will save the planet. And this sort of thing is happening everywhere.”

He also believes that much of the greenhouse gas debate is just that – hot air – with governments posturing in one direction, but acting in another.

“Take the US position: We have a new administration and we will work for ecology. Where is it? Have they joined the Kyoto Protocol? No. Did they save the Copenhagen summit? No. Obama took the PR cream off, but the paper remained unsigned,” Simonov adds.

However, people who are for clean energy say that pursuing green technology such as wind farms is more important now than ever.

Valery Vasilyev, head of Eco-friendly Company, notes that the existing installations make it possible to save electric power and “teach people how to use power the right way.”

“If they save, then less thermal-plant production is needed. This kind of symbiosis, the use of several sources of power – wind, solar, atomic, thermal, hydro – is rather effective and makes it possible to save fuel and natural resources,” Valery Vasilyev added.

Whether or not green technologies are developed, the argument still remains as to whether humans have actually had a major impact on the climate in general or if it's just a naturally re-occurring phenomenon which has happened throughout the ages.

John Christie, climatologist from the University of Alabama says human activities “really don’t change the entire global climate.”

On the other hand, Aleksey Kokorin, WWF representative, believes man is responsible for huge increases in carbon-dioxide gas – the driver of global warming.

“The temperature is just a symptom of illness. The main reason is CO2 concentration; the anthropogenic increase of CO2 concentration. It is completely proven!" insists Aleksey Kokorin.

Scientists may argue, but the question remains: Is the general public ready to change their lifestyle simply for the idea of a cleaner planet?

Russian TV producer Sergey Nadezhdin has his own view on the matter:

“Russia is not an environmentally friendly country at all. Polls have shown that most people – 60% – agree with us, which means it's important to understand that every environmental initiative has a price. I asked whether they are ready to pay, let's say a thousand dollars a year, for a better environment, and most people say no.”

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