Satellites spot mystery megastructures in China

Satellites spot mystery megastructures in China
Google maps satellite images show titanic structures of unknown purpose in China. Theories as to what the grid-like sites may be vary greatly from imaging artifacts to top-secret military bases.

The weird-looking structures appeared at the service after Google updated its satellite images for the Gobi Desert in China.

The objects vary in their shape, but all are really creepy. There are networks of oddly-meshed lines that look like giant metallic strips, an array of evenly-spaced objects with what looks like vehicles around them, a 30-kilometer long grid of thousands of thin lines and a radial structure with something like aircraft in the central part.

Other objects found by map users are more recognizable. A site resembling an airfield is quite unsuspicious, except for its strange bluish color.

What use the facilities have is open for all kinds of speculation. One version discussed online says the megastructures may have a job in China’s space program serving is giant calibration tables for spy satellites. Another says Beijing is trying to get in touch with whoever might notice their message in outer space. Yet another says they are training ranges for the Chinese army, imitating key targets of their potential enemies.

Which one is true, if any, may take a long time to find out, unless Google comes out with a statement like “Oops, we forgot to wipe the camera lens clean.”

No official comment on the incident was immediately available.