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Man is trivial compared to nature and cannot change climate - astrophysicist

With so much extreme weather across the world, RT spoke to a weather expert with some strong views on the climate change debate.
­The founder of the Weather Action Foundation, Piers Corbyn, who is a long-range weather forecaster and a renowned climate change skeptic, insists that everything on Earth goes in cycles – including weather.Corbyn explained that dramatic changes in solar activity which led to changes in the jet stream are the reason behind the intense heatwave last summer that caused vast wildfires throughout Western Russia. A jet stream is a “path of low pressure around the northern hemisphere – and that pattern shifts and sometimes it sort of gets stuck in a stationary position” causing phenomenon like excessive hot weather in Russia and raging floods in Pakistan at the same time.Still, such events are not evidence of a global climate change – simply because they are not something new. The same situations have already happened in the past, the astrophysicist said. “It is not surprising it happens now and it might indeed happen next year… The people who are claiming it is global warming are either ignorant or wish to mislead the public for political and financial ends.”The magnetic cycle of the sun is 22 years. Six of them form a 132-year cycle, which is also seven 19-year lunar eclipse cycles and all of them form the weather conditions on our planet. So, before describing anything as ‘first time ever’ it is better to look 132 years back to compare the old weather reports with what is going on outside, Piers Corbyn explained. He does not believe that man is capable of changing the climate and those “high priests” of global warming are scientists who “are getting paid by those people who want them to say this, for example by banks who are making trillions out of carbon credit trading or the companies who want the prices go up – they love that hype.”“What we need is an accountable science. We have got to get back to evidence by science…. The fact is there is no evidence for carbon dioxide driving world temperatures and the climate in the last 600 million years of data.”“Those who say ‘well, the last month was unique and this proves something’ are talking nonsense. The last month in 600 million years is the same as comparing one centimeter with the whole distance around the globe,” shared Corbyn, adding that we are rather entering a new ice age.Billions of people living on Earth are unable to produce a sustainable effect on the complete, totally closed self-regulating system of the planet, he said, and for example the notorious excess of CO2 in the atmosphere that is supposed to cause warming could be completely negated by plants growing faster because of warming, which would in turn make the transpiration of plants produce a refrigerating effect globally.The temperature measurements made by satellite are not trustworthy because of overestimating surface temperatures, “which would, if you believe them, would mean that Lake Michigan should have boiled dry by now,” so “we do not actually know a real figure for world average temperatures now.”Piers Corbyn called for those speculating on global warming and climate change to be brought to account.