Cash collector allegedly steals $8 million of bank’s money

A cash collector is suspected of stealing around $8 million that he was supposed to deliver to a bank. Officials say this is the largest robbery ever committed in central Russia's Perm region.

In an accident that happened at around 10 a.m. local time in the city of Perm, a cash collector is reported to have attacked his colleagues as they were on their way to the bank in a cash-in-transit van with the money.

The suspect ordered the van to stop as they were driving through a wooded area, and threatened to shoot his weapon. Keeping his colleagues at gunpoint, the 36-year-old man stole a bag full of money and joined his accomplices, who were waiting for him in ambush.

A criminal case has been opened on charges of conspiracy to commit robbery. The police have offered a $10,000 ransom for information that will help detain the robber.

The man had been working as a security guard for 14 years.