Bush gets extra $US 70 billion to keep troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

The White House has received another $US 70 billion in unconditional funding to continue operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. Senate has approved $US 40 billion, following similar approval of $US 30 billion by the House of Representatives on Monda

The vote comes after George Bush said he would veto any bill attaching restrictions on the use of funds.

Meanwhile, the UN has voted unanimously to extend its mandate for the U.S.-led force to remain in Iraq for another year.

RT military analyst Evgeny Khruschev commented on the latest approval of a huge spending bill. “It is a negative development for the Democrats. However, on the other side it is an opening for the White House to reconsider and finally to pay attention to the forgotten war, the so-called ”Good War“ in Afghanistan,” he said.