New Year's miracle: Australian tourist survives cordless bungee jump (VIDEO)

An Australian tourist who went bungee jumping on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe astounded many after she managed to survive a 110-meter plunge into the river after her cord snapped.

­Erin Langworthy, 22, went bungee jumping on New Year’s Eve but got more than she signed up for: as she leaped headfirst, her cord snapped and she fell straight into the Zambezi. She reportedly fainted upon impact, but then tried to swim downstream to get to the shore.

However, her cord got snagged on rocks and she had to yank it out. When she did make it to the rocks, rescuers rolled her on her side so that she could cough out the water she had inhaled. She also coughed up blood.

Langworthy was taken to the Victoria Falls clinic in Zimbabwe, where she was treated for her injuries. She was then evacuated to South Africa.

The Safari Par Excellence website, which organized the bungee-jumping event, says its operations are safe and “can be classed as the most scenic in the world.” However, it also says they are “not for the faint hearted.”