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Anna Politkovskaya - In Memoriam one year later

A year after the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, human rights activists, journalists and opposition parties were holding ceremonies to commemorate her death.

A portrait of Anna Politkovskaya was hanging outside her apartment, and people were laying flowers and paying their respects to her. They continued throughout the day.
Members of her family and colleagues from Novaya Gazeta went to the cemetery where she is buried. Her colleagues also joined a rally at Pushkin Square and later made their way to her apartment.
Anna Politkovskaya was shot down on October 7, 2006 and a year after her death she is still being honoured around the world. Recently in Italy a small square in Rome’s Villa Pamphili was named after Politkovskaya.
Some colleagues from Novaya Gazeta newspaper and her daughter, Vera Politkovskaya, attended a ceremony earlier this week.
Prominent activists have signed a letter, which was published in the British newspaper, “The Times”, calling on Russia to bring the killers of Politkovskaya to justice.
The investigation of Politkovskaya’s murder is still ongoing. Over 10 people have been arrested but no organisers have officially been announced. The Russian authorities are confident they will find the person who is behind her death.

The Russian President and the Prosecutor General have said the murder could have been organised to discredit the country, while critics in the West claim Politkovskaya was silenced for her harsh Kremlin criticism.
Her family and friends are not that optimistic.

“I don’t think the crime will be solved and the case closed. It’s Russia – and her work wasn’t accepted here,” Vera Politkovskaya believes.

Demonstration in New York
Demonstration in New York

IIn March 2007, Vera gave birth to her daughter, also named Anna Politkovskaya.

Vera says before her death Anna Politkovskaya wasn’t writing often. She was busy with the family affairs and happily awaiting her granddaughter.

Anna Politkovskaya has also been commemorated in Europe and the U.S.