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1 Jan, 2013 10:42

Alternate reality: 2012 news that didn't happen

Have you ever imagined the opportunity that the future brings which sometimes is wasted? Can you dream of hearing different news? Well RT brings you the alternative headlines, which could have been.

­Can you picture that instead of prolonging the Syrian conflict, which already claimed more than forty thousand lives, the headline could read “Diplomacy succeeds in Syria, ending bloody conflict.”

Or why not experience the scare of Iran’s potential nuclear threat with the possible news reading “Atomic triumph: Sanctions slashed as Iran’s nuke bid accepted.” Could diplomacy pave the wave into a better future?

RT believes it can as the reality of the Israeli assault on Palestinian militants could have ended before it began. Lives could have been spared if only negotiations worked sooner. Could they? Will the voice of the international community continue pressuring Israeli’s action plan to construct over three thousand new settlements-could diplomacy work in 2013? 

Could the 2012 missed headlines such as: “Gulf people power: monarchies step aside and let democracy in”;“Get lost Gitmo: notorious Guantanamo prison permanently shut”; and “Eurozone cuts the cuts and lifts austerity” change the reality of those affected?

Can believing in news such as “Corporate cash banned from campaign coffers as part of US political clean-up”; “No EU for UK – brits quit european union” and “Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange appointed UN free speech envoy” give us hope for tomorrow?

“From heretic to hero: American whistleblower Bradley Manning finally freed” and “Droning on no more, nations agree to end the era of remote controlled war” as“Egypt’s Arab spring sees democracy defeat hardline Islamism” headlines can in 2013 become a reality, Lucy Kafanov takes us to the world of parallel reality news…