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20 May, 2009 00:21

Alex Jones: the evil intent of the Bilderberg Club

The Bilderberg Club, which has been surrounded in secrecy for the last 50 years, has concluded its annual session in Greece.

Alex Jones, one of America's most famous radio hosts, shed some light on what kind of fraternity is it and what its aims are.

“From the ashes of the Third Reich we see the rising of the Fourth Reich, which is a bizarre mutation and a hybrid between the British Empire, the US Empire and the Nazi Empire,” says Jones.

“The agenda is to accelerate the worldwide depression and make it as bad as they can and as fast as they can. So then they could bring the world to its knees, end up a republic and give it to this new financial world government architecture that would openly be run by a private consortium, thus making a mad gamble for the entire planet,” warns Jones.

“They also want to set up a world health organization as a global health department that has control over every nation. They want a new international criminal court and to strip all nations of their sovereign rights with the Anglo-American establishment, the whole world domination focused against Russia, China, Central and South America, Asia and Africa.”