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23 Nov, 2009 22:50

“One of the biggest scientific hoaxes in history imploding thanks to hackers”

Top UN, US, English and European scientists colluded together to defraud, lie to and terrorize the public through a fake environmental crisis, Texas-based radio host Alex Jones told RT.

“This university in England is the main scientific source cited by the UN,” he said. “Over the last decade other independent scientists demanded to see the raw data because it didn’t fit with the other raw data that the other universities and research facilities had, and they had always refused. In these e-mails, they talk about trying to suppress the real data and they talk about working with government.”

Jones points out that the scientists were trying to manipulate data, which they had since 1961, showing that the Earth had begun a cooling trend – and they were actually cooking the data.

Jones also claims the fraud, connected with the idea of man-made climate change, was planned by the global elite to impose carbon taxes on the masses.

“This is worldwide financial dictatorship run by global oligarchs that have caused so many problems in Europe, the USA and Russia, and they are now just taking their scheme to the international, global level,” Jones said.