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Ritual walkout during Ahmadinejad UN speech

Delegations from the US, UK, France and other nations walked out of the UN General Assembly during a fierce speech by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in which he accused certain countries of attempting to dominate the world.

­While delivering his speech, President Ahmadinejad again questioned the 9/11 tragedy, which ten years ago claimed almost 3,000 lives in the US. Dubbing the terror attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon “mysterious,” Ahmadinejad reminded delegates that his calls for a proper investigation into the tragedy resulted in his country being threatened with sanctions.

Ahmadinejad also wondered why the main suspected perpetrator, Osama Bin Laden, was never delivered to the US to give evidence.

Instead of assigning a fact-finding team they killed Osama Bin Laden and threw his body into the sea. Would not it have been more reasonable to bring him to justice?” the Iranian leader told the gathering.

Ahmadinejad attacked the US for causing two world wars and imposing totalitarian regimes on Asian, African and Latin American nations.

More diplomats left the hall as President Ahmadinejad switched to the global economic crisis. He said that while the global recession was provoked by a handful of nations, most countries actually suffering from the crisis are kept away from the decision-making.

The UN can boast of no different picture, according to the Iranian leader, where the majority of the 193 members is dominated by the same small group of powers. Ahmadinejad urged the organization to work along more democratic lines.

NATO’s mission in Afghanistan also came under the fire from Ahmadinejad.

Despite NATO’s presence in Afghanistan, there has been a dramatic increase in the production of illicit drugs in this country,” said President Ahmadinejad.

The Israeli delegation did not attend to the speech at all. This did not prevent Ahmadinejad from mentioning the Holocaust.

"European countries still use the Holocaust after six decades as the excuse to pay ransom or fines to Zionists," he said, causing diplomats to flee the meeting in droves.

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