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7 Aug, 2023 00:32

Multiple Syrian soldiers killed in ‘Israeli airstrike’ on Damascus – state media

At least four servicemen were killed and four injured in the attack outside Damascus, according to SANA
Multiple Syrian soldiers killed in ‘Israeli airstrike’ on Damascus – state media

Syrian air defenses were activated overnight to intercept a volley of “hostile” projectiles in the vicinity of the country's capital Damascus, SANA news agency reported early on Monday.

Multiple explosions were heard in the Syrian capital shortly after 2:20am, as at least one bright flash illuminated the skies, according to unverified video posted online.

“The Israeli enemy carried out an air attack from the direction of the occupied Golan Heights, targeting some points in the vicinity of the city of Damascus,” a military source told SANA. 

Syrian air defenses allegedly brought down most of the projectiles, but the attack still “led to the death of four soldiers and the wounding of four others,” in addition to “limited material losses.”

Damascus, along with other locations across the country, routinely come under missile strikes. The most recent was in mid-July, injuring two Syrian soldiers. The government and the Russian military forces in the country often attribute such attacks to Israel.

The Israel Defense Force does not usually comment on such attacks, in line with its longstanding policy of not discussing operations conducted outside the country.

On the rare occasions the IDF aknowledges the strikes, they claim to be hitting Iranian and Hezbollah targets in pre-emptive self-defense operations against Tehran’s growing influence in Syria.

Damascus has repeatedly condemned the raids as a violation of Syrian sovereignty and international law.