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23 Jul, 2023 21:53

US influencer becomes ‘emotional support stripper’ in Ukraine

Former beauty pageant competitor Fan-Pei Koung complained that some volunteers resent her for exploiting the conflict
US influencer becomes ‘emotional support stripper’ in Ukraine

Taiwanese-American influencer Fan-Pei Koung traveled from her native Houston to the front lines of the Ukraine conflict to offer her services as an “emotional support stripper,” she told the Daily Beast on Friday.

The beauty pageant contestant turned self-described “globe-trotting girlfriend” offers racy photos of herself in skimpy variations of military gear posing with armaments on the erotic pay-per-view platform OnlyFans, though she says the content is free to Ukrainians, soldiers, and volunteers. 

That’s not the only thing that’s free, according to her profile on the DIY porn site, which lists “free emotional breastfeeding to soldiers and volunteers” as one of her specialties.  

Claiming she initially went to Ukraine last year to do ordinary volunteer work, lending a hand at women’s shelters and orphanages in Lviv, Koung told the Daily Beast that she soon grew tired of helping those in need because she had done it before back home.

“It didn't feel like anything unique to what I had back in the States,” she complained. “I wanted more. I wanted to be with the military.” She expanded her volunteering horizons as “an emotional support person for English-speaking soldiers” and was soon romantically involving herself with a slew of Ukrainian men, overcoming the language barrier with the help of Google Translate.

She claimed to be dating four when she was interviewed by the Beast in Kharkov (a drone operator, a power plant worker, and two information technology workers) though she didn’t reveal if any of them knew about the other three. She also dates foreign soldiers who have volunteered their own services to the Ukrainian cause, she said.

“People don’t talk about the sexual needs of the people of [a] country at war,” she told the outlet.

Koung lamented that not all Westerners have been supportive of her sex tourism, revealing that when she joined a group chat for humanitarian workers, “these guys just tore me for three days straight,” accusing her of wanting to “make porn off of mass graves.” She blamed sexism.

The scantily-clad influencer allegedly continues to do “humanitarian work,” according to her OnlyFans, defined as “cash donations to Ukrainians in need and volunteers I can see with my own eyes who are doing good work, social media, kitchen help, water runs to frontline villages, English practice for kids, etc.”

Her online business is technically illegal under Ukrainian law, which prohibits the “sale or distribution of pornographic images or other items” with penalties including fines or up to three years’ jail time. However, making content for OnlyFans in particular has become a popular line of work among Ukrainians whose lives have been upended by the conflict, according to the Daily Beast.