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10 Jul, 2023 19:22

Musk issues new challenge to Zuckerberg

The Twitter owner has called the Facebook co-founder a “cuck” and suggested “a literal dick-measuring contest”
Musk issues new challenge to Zuckerberg

Twitter owner Elon Musk has escalated his feud with fellow technology billionaire Mark Zuckerberg by branding him a “cuck” and suggesting that the two social media titans should compete by measuring their male anatomy.

“Zuck is a cuck,” Musk said on Sunday in a Twitter post. “I propose a literal dick-measuring contest.”

Musk and Zuckerberg -- who rank as the world’s richest and seventh-richest individuals, respectively – have been trading barbs on social media for weeks. Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc., accepted Musk’s challenge to a cage match last month.

Their rivalry has also heated up on the social media front. Meta’s new Twitter-lookalike social media platform, called Threads, surpassed 100 million users on Monday, just five days after its official launch. A law firm representing Musk sent Meta a cease-and-desist letter last week, claiming the company stole Twitter’s trade secrets to create Threads.

“Competition is fine, cheating is not,” Musk tweeted last week. He has accused Meta of developing Threads as a “copycat” application by hiring dozens of former Twitter employees who had access to the platform’s intellectual property.

Meta spokesman Andy Stone denied the allegations, saying no one on the Threads engineering team was a former Twitter employee.

Threads is a companion app to another Meta-owned platform, Instagram. Musk criticized the concept behind the new venture on Saturday, saying, “Threads is just Instagram minus pics, which makes no sense, given that thirst pics are the main reason people use that app. How many times have you read comments on Insta pics and wished there were more? Personally, never.”