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1 Dec, 2022 07:27

US mulls training boost for Ukrainian troops – CNN

Washington reportedly plans to instruct 2,500 service members per month on German soil
US mulls training boost for Ukrainian troops – CNN

The US government is contemplating the drastic expansion of a training program for Ukrainian forces, which is expected to take place at a US military base in Germany, CNN reported on Wednesday, citing sources.

According to unnamed US officials interviewed by the news network, the scheme aims to provide instruction for about 2,500 Ukrainian service personnel each month. Moreover, should the initiative be approved, the US would not only increase the number of troops undergoing training, but also change the type of instruction they receive, the report says.

The new program, which is reportedly still under review by the US administration, would mean training for much larger groups, involving more sophisticated tactics, including maneuvers with artillery support.

US officials also told the outlet that an expected winter lull in the Ukraine conflict could create an opportunity for a more robust training regimen, given that the stabilization of frontlines would allow Kiev to send more troops into the rear.

If the program is approved, it would reportedly take place at the US Army base in Grafenwoehr, Germany. A German official told CNN that he has not yet seen an official request from the US on the matter, but noted that such policies seem “to be totally in line with our common endeavors in supporting Ukraine.”

Since the start of the Ukraine conflict, a number of Western nations have been providing Kiev’s forces with training outside the country. Aside from the US, instruction efforts have been supported by the UK, which is planning to train up to 10,000 soldiers within a year.

Last month, the EU also announced a Military Assistance Mission to provide training for some 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers. However, several bloc members refused to take part, including Hungary. Commenting on the decision to stay out, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto explained that “anything leading to escalation is not something we think is a good idea.”

Moscow has repeatedly warned Western countries against providing military support to Kiev, saying it will only prolong the conflict.