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7 Sep, 2022 21:11

Woman on cocaine kills drunk driver on meth in Vegas crash – media

A woman allegedly driving under the influence hit another vehicle, killing the also-intoxicated driver
Woman on cocaine kills drunk driver on meth in Vegas crash – media

Las Vegas resident Summer Butler is accused of driving under the influence resulting in death, reckless driving, and possession of a controlled substance, 8 News Now reported on Tuesday, citing court documents. The charges stem from a January crash in which she sped into another car while allegedly under the influence of alcohol, cocaine, and cannabinoids.  

The victim was attempting to make a U-turn at an intersection when Butler, driving nearly twice the speed limit at 73 mph, plowed into her vehicle. Butler and her passenger flew out of the car, which continued for some 150 feet before coming to a halt, and all three were taken to the hospital, where Butler had to be sedated because she was “acting erratic.” 

Butler’s blood alcohol level was .102, well above the legal limit, and paramedics discovered a possible reason for her behavior when a baggie of cocaine fell out of her bra while they were tending to her injuries. Blood tests confirmed the presence of the drug in her system, along with cannabinoids.   

While police did not initially suspect the victim was also intoxicated, blood tests proved them profoundly wrong. Not only was she driving with a blood alcohol level over three times the legal limit, but she was also under the influence of a large amount of methamphetamine. 

Butler had previously pleaded guilty to a DUI, in Omaha, Nebraska in 2017. A warrant was issued for her arrest in June, though she was granted bail last month and ordered to avoid all drugs and alcohol. However, she is reportedly still in custody of the Clark County Detention Center. Police did not elaborate on why they waited six months to charge her with the death of the other driver.