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6 Sep, 2022 16:02

Pelosi eyes another post if Democrats lose election – Fox

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly hopes to become an ambassador if her party fails to keep control of Congress
Pelosi eyes another post if Democrats lose election – Fox

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is eyeing the role of US ambassador to Italy if her party loses November’s midterm elections, sources told Fox News on Tuesday.

President Joe Biden has held off on filling the ambassador position in deference to Pelosi, the sources claimed, adding that while there was speculation that a former Wall Street figure and Pelosi ally was also angling for the job, their possibilities of getting it have reportedly diminished as it becomes more and more likely the Republican Party will retake the House.

Pelosi has served as speaker since the Democratic Party retook the House in 2019. She previously held the role from 2007 to 2011 and has represented California in Congress since 1987.

While 101 of Biden’s ambassador nominees have been confirmed by the Senate, over a quarter of the total posts have yet to be officially filled. Pelosi has not commented on the rumors as of Tuesday.

The Republican Party has a good chance of taking a majority of seats in both houses of Congress in November as polls have placed Biden at near-record low approval ratings for months. Americans stressed about inflation and the economic recession, especially gas and food prices, report they have little faith in the administration’s ability to handle these issues.

Pelosi’s attempts at diplomacy strained the US’ relationship with China last month when she made a visit to Taiwan despite “deep concerns” from some Biden officials. The California Democrat was met with protests from many Taiwanese and outrage from Beijing, which ultimately sanctioned her and her family and shut down diplomatic talks with the US on climate change and some military issues.

Republicans need to flip fewer than ten seats in order to regain the majority in the House, and voter registration data shows more than one million voters in a total of 43 states changed party registrations last year from Democrat to Republican – both signs that point to the GOP having good chances of regaining control of the lower chamber of Congress. However, Pelosi insisted last week that her party had “absolutely every intention” of maintaining its hold on the House.