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19 Apr, 2022 07:39

Iraq condemns Turkey’s invasion

The country is no place for foreign parties to settle scores, Baghdad outlined
Iraq condemns Turkey’s invasion

Turkey's invasion of Iraq is “a violation of its sovereignty and the sanctity of the country” that goes against the concept of being a good neighbor, Baghdad's foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday. Ankara launched a new military campaign against Kurdish forces in the north of the Middle Eastern state on Sunday evening.

Baghdad said it denounced the Turkish military operation waged on its territory. Iraq does not and will not serve as a staging ground for attacks on neighboring countries [there is also a large Kurdish enclave in Syria] and should not become “an arena for conflicts and settling scores for other external parties,” the statement said. 

Turkey’s Operation Claw-Lock targets Kurdish militias in the northern Iraqi regions of Metina, Zap, and Avasin-Basyan, according to the Turkish military. Ankara perceives them as allies of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The ethnic Kurdish insurgency has fought against the Turkish government for decades and is considered a terrorist organization by Ankara. Over the years, Turkey has launched several military incursions into Iraq and Syria, targeting Kurdish militias.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan commented on the new operation on Monday, saying his government was “determined to continue this struggle until terrorism ceases to be a threat to our country, our region, and all of humanity.”

Speaking to a group of foreign diplomats, he said his country expected strong support from friendly nations, particularly in cracking down on the financial architecture of terrorist groups. He mentioned the PPK and Syrian Kurdish militia YPG, the organization of US-based Turkish politician Fethullah Gulen and the terrorist group Islamic State among the primary targets for Turkey.

Ankara claims its military action is covered by the national self-defense clause of the UN charter and that it is being conducted with the utmost respect for Iraqi sovereignty.