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18 Feb, 2022 13:33

WATCH protesters soak in hot tub near country’s parliament

Naked men take an outdoor bath in wintry Ottawa to oppose Covid-19 restrictions and mandatory vaccination
WATCH protesters soak in hot tub near country’s parliament

Demonstrators involved in the Freedom Convoy protest in the Canadian capital have come up with many attention-grabbing ways to express their disagreement with the government’s handling of the pandemic. The movement literally reached boiling point, when an inflated hot tub appeared right at the parliamentary precinct last week.

Two men, Gabriel and Jean-Philippe, have been soaking in their portable jacuzzi in the middle of Wellington Street for days, despite below zero temperatures and blizzard weather conditions. They reportedly installed their hot tub in downtown Ottawa amid trucker-led protests last week, with police so far offering no towel to finish the bath. 

They have been gaining popularity on social media, inviting others to join in, opposing lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

I miss my hot tub! I’ve been here for 15 days, I’m bringing my suit down,” a sympathizing man said.

Thousands have been occupying the Canadian capital city since last month, having arrived in trucks from across the country or supporting the drivers. Barbecue and dance parties have been happening since downtown, with bouncy castles erected in between the huge vehicles, as protesters claim they are there to stay unless certain Covid curbs implemented by Justin Trudeau’s government are lifted. 

No direct action has been taken against the generally peaceful protest for many days, while some videos of law enforcement being friendly with the demonstrators have emerged online. However, this week Prime Minister Trudeau invoked rarely-used emergency powers to deal with the truck protest participants, both physically and financially. 

At least two organizers behind the Freedom Convoy movement were arrested on Thursday, while police reinforcements have been surging into the city and erecting fencing downtown in an attempt to shut down the demonstration.