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9 Feb, 2022 22:14

Trump’s social media app launch date revealed – report

Former US President Donald Trump’s TRUTH Social app could reportedly be available to download in a matter of weeks
Trump’s social media app launch date revealed – report

Trump’s ‘TRUTH Social’ is currently going through beta testing and could be available to download for Americans by the end of March, sources familiar with the situation have told Fox Business.

TRUTH Social can currently be pre-ordered through the Apple App Store and comes from the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), which is headed by CEO Devin Nunes, a former Republican congressman who became CEO of the company in December. 

According to the latest report on the planned launch, TRUTH Social has a cloud services partnership with Rumble, a right-leaning company that has set itself up as a conservative platform that acts as an alternative of sorts for YouTube. The company also made waves this week by offering $100 million to podcaster Joe Rogan in an effort to get him to leave Spotify amid protests that his podcast allegedly spreads Covid-19 misinformation. 

Trump’s company has also partnered with Hive, a San Francisco based company that provides content moderation for video, audio, and text. Nunes has promised that TRUTH Social will be “very family-friendly.” 

“We want this to be a very safe place, and we are focused on making sure any illegal content is not on the site,” he told Fox last month. 

Trump, who has been banned from major social media platforms like Twitter for over a year now, has promised that his social media platform will “challenge the dominance of Big Tech giants and Big Media Bosses.”

“For me, this endeavor is about much more than politics. This is about saving our country,” Trump previously said when announcing the app, accusing other social media platforms of “wildly aggressive censorship.”