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4 Feb, 2022 10:41

Scott Morrison pulls bizarre PR stunt

The Australian prime minister was seen washing a voter's hair at a salon during a campaign visit
Scott Morrison pulls bizarre PR stunt

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison wrapped up a tough week on Friday by washing a patron's hair at a salon in the marginal electorate of Dunkley, south-east Melbourne. In footage shared online, Morrison, wearing an apron, can be seen washing the hair of a young female voter before going on to give her a head massage.

Courtnie Trotter, 22, a first-year apprentice at Cocos Salon, said that the prime minister was “very gentle,” and “he did a good job for a first go.”

However, manager Nick suggested Morrison may struggle to forge a career in the industry. “Does he have a future in hairdressing? Unfortunately, I don’t think we could afford him,” he said. 

Morrison later posed for a selfie with the Liberal candidate for Dunkley, Sharn Coombes, and three salon apprentices. “Thanks Courtney, Bella and Pip for showing me the ropes at Cocos Salon in Melbourne today,” the PM wrote, sharing the image on social media.

The PR stunt comes at the end of a horror week for the PM in which he admitted to having made mistakes during the pandemic, including not putting the vaccine rollout under military control, but refused to apologize. 

He also failed to name the price of bread, petrol, and rapid tests during a roasting by journalists at the National Press Club.

And a text from 2019 emerged in which former New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian labelled Morrison a “horrible, horrible” person.