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30 Jan, 2022 23:10

Actress canned after complaining about cop's funeral procession

The performer said slain New York City officer Jason Rivera was probably doing his job 'incorrectly'
Actress canned after complaining about cop's funeral procession

New York City actress Jacqueline Guzman has been dropped from her theater company after she went viral on TikTok with a video complaining about the inconvenience of a deceased cop’s funeral.

“We do not need to shut down most of lower Manhattan because one cop died for probably doing his job incorrectly,” Guzman said in the clip, taken while she was walking down a street that had been barricaded off. “They kill people who are under 22 every single day for no good reason and we don’t shut down the city for them.”

The actress went on to say that blocking off streets is “f**king ridiculous.”

“What if somebody is having a heart attack in this area? Nobody can get to them because it’s all blocked off for one f**king cop,” she said. 

Guzman’s comments quickly spread across social media and caused outrage. Although the video was later deleted, that did not keep it from spreading. 

Her acting company, Face to Face Films, released a statement distancing themselves from the performer. 

“Face to Face Films does not support nor can condone these comments made about fallen Officer Rivera. As a result, she is no longer a member of our company,” they announced on Facebook.

Thousands turned out for Rivera’s funeral in Manhattan over the weekend to honor the slain cop.

“New Yorkers turned out by the thousands yesterday to help us honor our fallen brother. One person spreading hate cannot erase that,” New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Patrick Lynch told the New York Post in reaction to Guzman’s comments.

Rivera, 22, and Wilbert Mora, 27, were gunned down while responding to a domestic dispute earlier this month in Harlem. Rivera had been on the job for approximately a year, while Mora had been an officer for four years.