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16 Dec, 2021 17:02

Denmark to send foreign convicts abroad for jailing

Denmark to send foreign convicts abroad for jailing

Scores of foreign criminals from Denmark will be imprisoned in Kosovo, the latter’s justice minister has announced. In exchange, the Nordic country will fund local green energy projects.

In a statement on Thursday, Justice Minister Albulena Haxhiu said that the 300 prisoners who will be transferred from Denmark to Kosovo will not be “of high risk.”

While the plan aims alleviate the strain on Denmark’s prison system, both parties have insisted that the prisoners will be treated the same in Kosovo as they would be in the Nordic state.

“We have done what we can to ensure that this is within the rules. The exact same rules will apply as for prisons in Denmark,” the country’s justice minister, Nick Hekkerup, told local media in Copenhagen. “The deported convicts [will] still be able to get visitors, although that will, of course, be difficult,” he said.

The 300 cells will be used for convicted criminals from non-European Union countries who were earmarked for deportation from Denmark following their sentencing. Haxhiu said the jail readied for Denmark’s criminals is based in the eastern town of Gjilan.

Denmark has vowed to funnel more resources into its prison system amid years of staff exodus and the highest number of incarcerations since the 1950s, driven partially by rising gang violence.

The deal will see Kosovo receive €210 million in capital investments, earmarked for green and renewable energy projects. The 10-year agreement still needs to be ratified by Kosovo’s parliament. Haxhiu insisted it should be signed off next week.