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3 Nov, 2021 10:06

Philippines’ Duterte vows to punish local officials unless Covid-19 vaccine rollout improves

Philippines’ Duterte vows to punish local officials unless Covid-19 vaccine rollout improves

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to punish government officials if they fail to meet targets for the country’s Covid vaccine rollout. Only a little over a third of the population is fully inoculated at present.

In a recorded message aired on Wednesday, Duterte challenged government officials to ramp up daily Covid-19 vaccinations to at least a million from a current average of 500,000.  

He claimed the country has a sufficient number of vaccines and there is therefore no reason why the pace of the rollout cannot be increased in the nation of 109 million people; 77 million of whom are eligible for vaccination. 

“We saw fault lines in the overall picture of our vaccination program. I am not content,” he stated. 

The outspoken leader, who last month proposed inoculating anti-vaxxers in their sleep, demanded that local officials do more. The president contended that officials “who are not performing nor using the doses given to them in a most expeditious manner” would be sanctioned and held accountable. He did not elaborate on what the penalties might be. 

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The president has asked the police and military to use aerial assets to deliver vaccines to the nation’s provinces and islands. 

As part of a gradual easing of lockdown measures, the government announced on Wednesday that a night-time curfew in the Manila region would be lifted from Thursday. 

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