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31 Oct, 2021 10:53

‘We don’t want it’: Thousands rally against mandatory Covid-19 health pass in Paris & Milan (VIDEOS)

‘We don’t want it’: Thousands rally against mandatory Covid-19 health pass in Paris & Milan (VIDEOS)

Two European cities saw major protests against mandatory coronavirus health passes on Saturday, with large crowds once again taking to the streets to decry the measure in Paris and Milan.

In the French capital, several thousand people marched through the city despite the rainy weather, carrying banners, beating drums, and chanting slogans like: “Health pass, we don’t want it.”

The health pass “smells like a social credit system, we have the impression that we are in a kind of training,” one of the demonstrators told RT’s Ruptly video agency.

Among those taking part in the protests were doctors and nurses who are unable to work due to their reluctance to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

“They force us to be vaccinated to continue working. I work at the hospital. Currently, I am suspended and without pay since September 6,” one protester said.

There was a hefty police presence at the rally, but the crowd was peaceful, with no major incidents reported during the event.

The health pass system, which requires proof of vaccination or a negative test in order to access restaurants, cinemas, and other public venues, will remain in force in France at least until the end of February.

In Italy, the rules are even stricter, with QR codes required for employees in the public and private sectors to access their workplaces. A huge crowd gathered outside the iconic Milan Cathedral on Saturday to protest.

Demonstrators with Italian flags and cardboard crosses called the requirement for a health pass “discrimination.”

They marched through the streets and made a stop outside the offices of public broadcaster Rai Italia to protest the coverage of the pandemic in the Italian media.

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Things got a bit heated in Milan after dark, with Ruptly cameras capturing minor scuffles between the police and some of the protesters.

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