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17 Aug, 2021 18:38

WATCH: Afghan man records video sitting atop FAIRING of US military plane taxiing at Kabul airport

WATCH: Afghan man records video sitting atop FAIRING of US military plane taxiing at Kabul airport

Chilling footage has emerged in recent days of Afghans clinging to the hull of an American C-17 transport plane – but now video seemingly taken by a man hanging onto one of the US aircraft has surfaced.

The shocking video spreading on social media shows the scene apparently from the opposite perspective, though it's not clear if the man is on the same plane as the ones seen in other videos.

The man who appears to be sitting atop the fairing of the C-17 military transport plane at Kabul airport films himself and the crowds of people watching in the area surrounding the aircraft.

The video shows at least eight men clinging to what appears to be a fairing of the US C-17 aircraft. They wave to the crowds standing on the edge of the tarmac as the plane gathers speed and apparently prepares for a takeoff.

At one point, the person filming even turned the camera around to his face for a selfie. It’s unclear whether the man fell off before takeoff and survived to tell the tale, or if the footage was retrieved by someone else.

Media reports on Monday said several people were killed in an attempt to hold on to a plane ferrying evacuees out of Afghan’s capital after the Taliban seized complete control on Sunday.

Other harrowing footage posted on social media appeared to show at least two people falling to their deaths as the plane gained altitude. It is unclear if the video shot by the man sitting on the fairing shows the same plane. 

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