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16 Jul, 2021 14:19

Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower reopens after nine-month Covid hiatus, its longest closure since WWII

Paris’ iconic Eiffel Tower reopens after nine-month Covid hiatus, its longest closure since WWII

One of the French capital’s most notable landmarks, the Eiffel Tower, has reopened after nine months, marking the longest period in recent history that the attraction has been shut since the Second World War.

The Eiffel Tower welcomed back visitors on Friday after being shut since the end of last October due to coronavirus restrictions that were implemented during France’s second wave. 

The monument’s official Twitter page shared the re-opening and welcomed its visitors back, saying that “it’s so great to see you again.” After the countdown struck zero and stewards removed the barrier, flocks of masked people could be seen entering the attraction. A live band even played in the background to celebrate the event.

However, there are still Covid measures in place to guarantee the safety of the visitors coming to the so-called “Iron Lady.” The attraction will work at a reduced capacity of around 10,000 – significantly less than its usual 25,000 daily visitors. All visitors will be required to wear masks.

From July 21, only those with a health pass confirming that they are vaccinated, have tested negative for coronavirus or have recently recovered will be able to visit 'Le Tour'. The move is in line with President Emmanuel Macron’s new coronavirus measures, announced on Monday, that saw the use of France’s health pass extended to restaurants, cafés, museums and cultural centers.

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The Eiffel tower brings in over seven million visitors each year, with around 75% being foreign tourists, making it the most visited tower in the world. Due to coronavirus measures and travel restrictions, it is estimated that the iconic tower has lost 120 million euros over 2020-2021, according to AFP, from its longest closure in recent memory. Before, the tower had closed during World War Two, with France and Germany both fighting for, among other things, the use of the monument due to its strategic capability.

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