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9 Jun, 2021 14:52

Duterte says there’s ‘nobody deserving’ in line to be next Philippines president & dismisses rumors he’ll run as VP

Duterte says there’s ‘nobody deserving’ in line to be next Philippines president & dismisses rumors he’ll run as VP

President Rodrigo Duterte has said he doesn’t see any “deserving” candidates in line to be the next Philippines leader, despite previously naming his daughter Sara and boxer-cum-senator Manny Pacquiao as possible successors.

In an interview on Tuesday with SMNI network, Duterte dismissed rumors that he may run for vice president in 2022 when his six-year term ends and cast doubt on whether any candidates were worthy to succeed him. 

Questioned by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on who he thought would be a potential successor, Duterte answered: “None, Pastor. Looking at the political horizon? Even you would know that... Nobody. I see nobody who is deserving.”

He she was cautious not to openly back a candidate, suggesting that people may accuse him of attempting to extend his own power through his replacement. 

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The president, now 76, said he was ready to retire when his presidency comes to an end and expressed reluctance at the idea of running as vice president, as his allies had suggested. 

“I am ready to retire... We have Davao. I’ll just be a boarder there at your prayer mountain. It’s beautiful there,” he said, referencing Quiboloy’s serene gardens near Davao City, known as Prayer Mountain. 

Last week, Duterte drew up a list of possible successors, suggesting his daughter, Sara, the incumbent mayor of Davao City and Senator Manny Pacquiao were potential leaders in waiting. 

This week, he exchanged barbs with Pacquaio after the former boxer said Duterte hadn’t followed through on an election promise to plant a Filipino flag in the South China Sea. Duterte told Pacquaio to go “study” and improve his “shallow” knowledge of the issue.

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