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26 Apr, 2021 15:13

French police cars vandalized with graffiti, ‘pig’s head’ impaled on broom (PHOTOS)

French police cars vandalized with graffiti, ‘pig’s head’ impaled on broom (PHOTOS)

Several police cars have been damaged and covered in graffiti in Rungis, a southern suburb of Paris, with vandals placing a broom reportedly topped with a pig’s head against one of the vehicles.

According to BFMTV, the incidents took place in the early hours of Monday at a garage belonging to various police departments where vehicles are repaired and maintained, near Paris’s Orly Airport. 

The vehicles were found daubed with graffiti, including the word “pig” emblazoned on an upturned car. One of the vehicles appears to have sustained serious damage to its roof and windshield, while a police Peugeot was turned on its side. Against that car leaned a broom topped with what a local reporter said was a pig’s head. 

The Val-de-Marne police department has launched an investigation into the incident.

Police in and around the French capital have been the target of a number of attacks in recent months. During France’s second Covid lockdown in 2020, a police station was stormed by a mob and officers were attacked with fireworks. Other isolated incidents, such as students smashing up a police car during a protest in November, were also recorded and widely circulated online. 

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In recent weeks, France’s parliament backed giving new powers to the police, including their use of drone technology and a ban on the malicious dissemination of photos identifying on-duty police officers.

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