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Jakarta police shoot woman 'with ISIS beliefs' in gun battle days after suicide bombers attack church

Jakarta police shoot woman 'with ISIS beliefs' in gun battle days after suicide bombers attack church
A woman was shot and killed in Jakarta, Indonesia, after exchanging gunfire with officers, police have confirmed. The nation’s police chief said the woman was a “lone wolf” assailant and followed Islamic State’s ideology.

The suspect entered the national police headquarters in Jakarta on Wednesday, where she engaged in a shootout with officers before being mortally wounded, local news outlets said. 

A video shown on Indonesian television shows the individual, wearing a long black garment and a veil, walking through the grounds of the police compound. It appears that she is brandishing something in her hands, possibly a gun. Two people are seen exiting a building, then dashing back inside once they spot the woman. Another individual, presumably a police officer, observers her from a distance as he backs away. Gunshots can be heard as the suspect slowly walks through the courtyard, before suddenly collapsing to the ground. 

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Speaking later on Wednesday, police chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo told reporters the woman, aged 25, was a ‘lone wolf’ and there was evidence she was a follower of the ideology of Islamic State (ISIS, formerly IS). The police chief said she had posted an Islamic State flag on her social media account just hours before carrying out the attack. 

He added that the woman’s name initials were ‘ZA’ and said her identity had been confirmed by police after her fingerprints were checked.

Prabowo confirmed earlier reports that the woman was armed, saying: “She shot six times. Two times at the members inside the police building. Two times outside, and again shot at the members who were behind her.” 

The incident comes three days after a newlywed couple with suspected jihadist ties carried out a suicide bombing attack at a cathedral on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, which left 20 people wounded. More than a dozen people have been arrested by law enforcement in connection to the attack. 

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