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14 Mar, 2021 07:00

Black-clad anti-lockdown demonstrators march through Copenhagen after activist receives 2-yr jail term (VIDEO)

An anti-lockdown group staged a protest in Denmark’s capital to express their solidarity with an activist who was sentenced to two years behind bars for allegedly inciting violence at an earlier demonstration.

Several hundred members of the ‘Men in Black’ anti-lockdown group took to the streets in Copenhagen on Saturday night, lighting red flares and shouting slogans as they moved through the streets. Some demonstrators played bagpipes and pounded on drums, while others carried a large banner reading “black-clad resistance.”

Footage published by RT’s video agency Ruptly shows the demonstrators, many of them dressed in black, launching fireworks into the air as police escorted the crowd. There were no reports of violence and no arrests were made, according to local media. 

The demonstration followed the sentencing of a woman who was found guilty of inciting violence during an anti-lockdown protest in January. Speakers who addressed the crowd during Saturday’s march expressed solidarity with the woman, who received two years behind bars due to a controversial provision that allows Danish courts to double sentences if the crime is related to the Covid-19 pandemic. One demonstrator who spoke during Saturday’s event said that freeing the activist had become the group’s first priority, local media reported.

Denmark began easing Covid-19 restrictions in March, allowing shops and some schools to reopen. However, businesses will be required to operate at reduced capacity and teachers and students over the age of 12 returning to school will need to be tested for coronavirus twice a week. 

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