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21 Jan, 2021 00:58

Trump left office ‘defeated, isolated & broken’, Iranian General Soleimani's daughter says in withering statement

Trump left office ‘defeated, isolated & broken’, Iranian General Soleimani's daughter says in withering statement

The youngest daughter of slain Iranian General Qassem Soleimani rebuked former US president Donald Trump in a blistering message, saying he ended his term in disgrace, while condemning him for her father’s assassination last year.

“Mr. Trump, you murdered my father, the General who led the victorious war against ISIS/Al-Qaeda, with the perverse hope that you will be seen as some sort of hero,” Zeinab Soleimani tweeted on Wednesday, under an alternate spelling of her surname.

But instead you are defeated, isolated & broken – viewed not as a hero, but one who lives in fear of foes. The irony.

Soleimani’s tweet – which was accompanied by an image showing a poster of Trump’s face and the words “American terrorist” – came just hours after the swearing-in of President Joe Biden, who took office on the heels of a tumultuous Trump presidency that saw a dramatic spike in hostilities with the Islamic Republic. US-Iranian tensions peaked last January after General Soleimani’s assassination near Baghdad International Airport, which itself came amid a relentless US sanctions campaign seeking to cripple Tehran’s vital oil exports to “zero.”

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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who shared Soleimani’s post on Twitter, issued a similarly harsh statement following Trump’s official ouster from the White House, saying that the ex-president and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had been “relegated to the dustbin of history in disgrace.” He added a tribute to the late Quds Force commander, noting that his memory would “shine on,” despite those “murdered, maimed & starved of food & meds by Trump's state.”

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