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31 Dec, 2020 10:28

‘With Brexit, Britain is punishing itself’ says French Minister as UK prepares to leave EU on ‘historically sad day’

‘With Brexit, Britain is punishing itself’ says French Minister as UK prepares to leave EU on ‘historically sad day’

France’s European Affairs minister has said that Brexit is an act of self-punishment for Britain and claims the UK government came to its senses after realizing the consequences of a no-deal Brexit would be “an economic disaster.”

Speaking to France’s LCI television on Thursday, European Affairs Minister, Clement Beaune claimed it was a “historically sad day” as the UK becomes the first nation to ever leave the EU, but believes France and its European partners were right to hold their ground over key issues during Brexit negotiations. 

The United Kingdom is punishing itself with Brexit… We did not punish anyone, but we also had to show the price to pay [for] leaving. 

Beaune, who previously demanded EU negotiators not to “sacrifice” French fishermen for Brexit, claims that Britain came to realize the real price of failing to reach a deal. 

“Britain realized that having no access to the European market would be an economic disaster… This is why, in the deal that was reached, there is access to the European market, but while respecting our conditions and rules,” he asserted. 

The Minister believes that France and the EU will learn a number of lessons from the UK’s withdrawal from the 27-nation bloc, adding “Brexit must be a lesson, we must push forward better, faster and stronger as Europeans.” 

Beaune claims that Franco-German relations have also improved as a result of Brexit and believes Europe’s resolve will be stronger because of it. 

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The UK’s transition period with the EU will officially end on Thursday evening and a new, long-negotiated relationship will replace it after London and Brussels reached a post-Brexit trading agreement on Christmas Eve.

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