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20 Dec, 2020 07:25

Road rage at clinic: Doctors flee in horror as angry driver repeatedly rams pickup truck into hospital in India (VIDEO)

Road rage at clinic: Doctors flee in horror as angry driver repeatedly rams pickup truck into hospital in India (VIDEO)

A driver has gone on the rampage and repeatedly crashed his truck into a hospital, forcing staff to run for their lives. The attack was reportedly prompted by an argument over the treatment of the perpetrator’s relatives.

The incident took place on Friday. Security camera footage, published by ANI. shows a white truck nearly mowing down two people outside a hospital near the city of Gurgaon, not far from New Delhi. The truck hits a parked vehicle and several motor scooters before ramming the building.

The truck then pulls back and rams the building several more times, destroying the hospital pharmacy and forcing startled doctors and nurses to flee from a ward. After failing to wreak any further damage, it drives away.

The hospital’s director, Balwan Singh, told ANI that between 10 and 15 vehicles were damaged. According to the Dainik Jagran newspaper, several people were injured.

Singh said the driver was a relative of two patients who were being treated at the hospital. It is not clear what had caused the rampage, but, according to ANI, the perpetrator had a “tussle” with some family members over the treatment of elderly relatives.

A criminal investigation has been launched, but there have been no reports of any arrests.

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