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11 Dec, 2020 10:59

Not now, Greta! Internet points to Covid-19 pandemic as teen activist berates world for ‘empty words’ on climate change

Not now, Greta! Internet points to Covid-19 pandemic as teen activist berates world for ‘empty words’ on climate change

Greta Thunberg has been accused of issuing a tone-deaf lecture about the need for immediate climate ‘action’, with some arguing that it was a less-than-ideal moment to start issuing demands to the world.

The polarizing activist released a video marking the fifth anniversary of the Paris climate accord in which she accused governments of not honoring their commitments to keep global heating below 2 degrees Celsius.  

“Distant hypothetical targets are being set, and big speeches are being given,” the Swedish teen said in the video message. “Yet, when it comes to the immediate action we need, we are still in a state of complete denial as we waste our time creating new loopholes with empty words and creative accounting.”

Thunberg called on world governments to implement “binding carbon budgets today” as opposed to focusing on emission targets for the next thirty years.

Her insistence that addressing the alleged existential threat posed by climate change should be a top priority was met with voracious applause from her supporters. 

Many Twitter users thanked the activist for speaking out on the issue, which has garnered less media attention amid the global coronavirus crisis. 

“Very powerful, Greta. You're right. We must demand action now. Covid has distracted and deterred us from action. We have to find a way to demand which those in power can't ignore,” read one of the approving comments. 

However, many others were more hesitant to heap praise on Thunberg.

“Has Greta Thunberg chosen the wrong time to speak out on climate change?” tweeted Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine. The UK debate show host hinted that her appeal, made in the midst of a global pandemic, could be seen as out of touch. 

There seemed to be others who harbored similar misgivings. 

“I’ve got bigger things to worry about....like keeping my family and friends safe from a virus that could kill them,” wrote one Twitter user. 

Thunberg is a favorite among media outlets, and her activism often sparks heated rows on social media. Admirers say she is taking decisive action in order to safeguard the future of the planet, while her critics repeatedly point to the fact that she has no formal credentials to speak out about climate science and is being exploited to push ‘green’ agendas.

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