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9 Dec, 2020 14:35

Explosions rock Iraqi oilfield, oil ministry says it was a ‘terrorist attack’ (PHOTOS)

Explosions rock Iraqi oilfield, oil ministry says it was a ‘terrorist attack’ (PHOTOS)

Iraq’s Ministry of Oil has confirmed reports of explosions at two oil wells in the early hours of Wednesday morning, adding the blasts were the work of a terrorist organization.

The Ministry of Oil said on Wednesday that the oil wells in the north of the country were ablaze after terrorists detonated explosives at the site. 

“The Khabbaz oilfield in Kirkuk governorate was subjected to a terrorist attack after two oil wells were detonated with two explosive devices,” a statement read. 

Undersecretary for Extraction Affairs Karim Hattab said the explosive charges were detonated at 1:30 am and 2.00 am. 

The ministry did not provide any further information about the attack but said the fire and safety team at the North Oil Company and security authorities were working to control the fires and assess the damage. 

The statement adds that production of the aforementioned wells does not exceed two thousand barrels per day (BPD), while officials said the field has an output of 25,000 BPD. 

Unverified reports emerged earlier in the day with many suggesting malicious intent and the involvement of known terrorist groups. 

Photo evidence has also been shared online showing smoke rising from the Khabbaz oilfield. 

At the end of November, Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on an oil refinery in northern Iraq. The refinery was previously damaged and put out of action by IS when it was expanding its caliphate.

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