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28 Oct, 2020 14:50

WATCH: Woman attacks drug store employee with ‘kung fu’ after reportedly being asked to wear a mask

WATCH: Woman attacks drug store employee with ‘kung fu’ after reportedly being asked to wear a mask

Shocking video shared online purports to show a woman attacking a female Shoppers Drug Mart employee in Ontario, Canada while proudly proclaiming to know “kung fu.”

According to comments online, the woman was allegedly told to wear a mask, at which point she became hostile. 

In the video, the woman hurls racist abuse at the employee, who appears to be of Asian descent, before attacking her and making sounds mimicking those made in traditional martial arts movies.  

“I know you know martial arts, so do I!” the alleged attacker says. As the employee repeatedly tries to usher the woman out of the store, she then becomes even more agitated, verbally abusing the staff member before threatening her with a piece of tissue which she claims is covered in her blood.

“I just used you to demonstrate to the f**king officers, I know martial arts!” before exiting the Ontario store. 

Security reportedly arrived shortly after the incident, but it is unclear what became of the attacker, though there has been no official confirmation of the incident by police.

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Understandably, people online were outraged by the woman’s apparent racist behavior and flouting of coronavirus precautions. 

“Won’t follow the rules to wear a mask but won’t go out the exit cause it was an entrance? Mmmkay,” wrote one bemused commenter on Reddit, referring to the fact that the woman was willing to adhere to the entry and exit system in the store.

“Kudos to the manager. I think she handled it well but I admit that police would have been called and charges would have filed if I were her,” added another. 

The incident evoked others’ misanthropic side, leading to comment such as: “People are f**king nuts man. I hate this planet.”

Others chose to make light of the situation, referencing the disco classic ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ by Jamaican vocalist Carl Douglas: “Everybody is Kung Fu fighting, Your mind becomes fast as lightning, Although the future is a little bit frightening.” 

Physical confrontations over the wearing of masks during the global coronavirus pandemic have become common around the world, as tensions boil over, often with extremely violent consequences.

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