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Japanese man reportedly detained after staying at hotel for 10 MONTHS & failing to pay the bill

Japanese man reportedly detained after staying at hotel for 10 MONTHS & failing to pay the bill
An unemployed Japanese man has been arrested by Niigata Prefectural Police after staying for some 10 months at a hotel and allegedly failing to pay the bill.

The bizarre case was reported by Nippon News Network on Friday. The suspect, said to be a 58-year-old unemployed man, was grabbed by the police after failing to pay the bill for his stay at a hotel in Myoko city.

The man checked into the hotel in late December 2019 – and has never actually paid for its services. The hotel notified the police of the situation only on Thursday, which resulted in the suspect’s arrest.

The not-that-generous guest has amassed an impressive bill of over four million yen (nearly $38,000), stemming from the accommodation itself and use of a parking lot spot. At the time of his arrest on suspicion of fraud, the man did not have money to pay the hefty bill.

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The man has denied all the allegations, insisting that he had not intended to dodge the bill. “Since I have wealth, I can pay. So my intention was not to cheat [anyone],” he told the police, as quoted by local media.

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