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21 Jul, 2020 16:35

Not keeping it in the family: Personal data of 60,000 genealogy software users LEAKED

Not keeping it in the family: Personal data of 60,000 genealogy software users LEAKED

Family Tree Maker software has exposed tens of thousands of its users’ deeply personal data, opening the door to detailed and personalized scams for hackers.

Researchers from online security news and VPN review company WizCase have found 25GB of data being leaked from an unsecured genealogy server. 

The data belongs to tens of thousands of customers of the Family Tree Maker (FTM) software and includes emails, location, IP addresses and system user IDs, as well as support messages and technical details.

Due to the nature of the information, WizCase believes that a hacker could have used the information to create detailed phishing attacks or identity fraud.

In total, it is thought 60,000 users were affected.

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In a detailed list, WizCase even suggests that the leak could have led to “business espionage,” whereby leaked documents of dissatisfied customers can be leveraged with a view to rival businesses poaching them.

FTM, originally released in 1989, has been passed from its original developer to Broderbund, the Learning Company, Mattel, and Ancestry.com, before it got to its current owner, Software MacKiev.

According to WizCase, they notified Software MacKiev about the leak and the database in question was quickly closed.

In a statement, WizCase said they had yet to “receive a response to our responsible disclosure.

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