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16 Jun, 2020 11:06

Drunk on wokeness? Australia’s Colonial Brewing mulls name change after liquor store chain pulls its beer over brand ‘concerns’

Drunk on wokeness? Australia’s Colonial Brewing mulls name change after liquor store chain pulls its beer over brand ‘concerns’

An Australian brewery is considering a politically correct rebrand after its allegedly offensive alcoholic beverages were banished from a wine and beer chain. The latest casualty of PC hysteria has elicited groans on Twitter.

Colonial Brewing Company has announced that it is reviewing its name following a decision by Melbourne booze chain Blackhearts and Sparrows to remove the brewery’s offerings from their shelves.

The store expressed “concerns” about Colonial’s name, which purportedly makes light of “colonization that has caused irreversible harm to the First Nations people in Australia and indigenous populations around the world.”

The brewery wasted little time in bending the knee, issuing a statement acknowledging the “significant stress and angst surrounding the Black Lives Matter community.”

“We hear you,” the company stressed.

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The decision to blacklist the brewery was apparently made at the behest of a journalist.

“A lot of people call for ‘civility’ when advocating for things we care about but sometimes being a bratty little b*tch in public really gets things done,” Shaad D'Souza wrote on Instagram.

The triumph of the woke did not sit well with commentators.

Claire Lehmann, founding editor of Quillette, argued that the scandal was an outrageous “exercise of power.”

Others shared similar disillusionment.

“Cancel culture” and campaigns to strip the world of anything deemed offensive have accelerated in the weeks following the Black Lives Matter protests. Anger over alleged systemic racism has targeted everything from films such as ‘Gone with the Wind’ to statues of Thomas Jefferson.

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