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Sauron’s tower or Pope’s hat? Newly-released PS5 design leads to mass mocking online

Sauron’s tower or Pope’s hat? Newly-released PS5 design leads to mass mocking online
Sony has unveiled the design of its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5 – but with its sleek white sides and black interior, it quickly found itself being mercilessly memed.

Some people on Twitter noted the PS5’s striking resemblance to a household router, while others highlighted its similarity to the Tower of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings.

The jokes, of course, didn’t stop there, as people across the internet continued to pile on.

Among the flurry, one user switched the new console, predicted to retail at $499, with a coffee maker. Others pointed out the PS5’s likeness to a range of household items.

Others compared the newly-released console to the standard fan, while the similarity to electric razors wasn’t overlooked.

Others pointed out that, if rotated at a certain angle, the PS5 even resembles a duck’s bill.

To top it all off, one user showed that the PS5 wouldn’t look out of place inside the Vatican, placed firmly atop the Pope’s head.

In the previous generation ‘console wars’, the PS4 outsold the Xbox One globally by more than 2-1. With both the Xbox and PS5’s strange new designs, it’s still anyone’s guess as to who will win this time around.

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