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‘We all bleed the same color’: Thousands of demonstrators turn out for BLM protests across Germany (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

‘We all bleed the same color’: Thousands of demonstrators turn out for BLM protests across Germany (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)
Huge rallies across Germany mark yet another European country to see anti-racism protests inspired by Black Lives Matter demonstrations that began in the US.

Videos and photographs show hundreds of people assembled on the banks of the Rhine River in the city of Cologne as they hold signs reading “End police brutality” and “We all bleed the same color.”

One attendee said the protest of mostly young people were doing their best to abide by social distancing guidelines. Many demonstrators were seen wearing masks. Citing a police estimate, local media said around two thousand people attended the rally.

Cologne is not the only Germany city to host protests against police brutality and racism. Protesters in Berlin told RT that the issues of police brutality and racism go far beyond the United States.

“I am here to empower people of color because as we could see in [recent] times there’s oppression going on, and not only in America. It’s everywhere in the world and we have to fight racism and police violence,” one demonstrator said.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s in America or somewhere else in the world, we need to go out and we need to show we are all the same,” noted another.

Hundreds of demonstrators surrounded the US embassy as part of ongoing protests in the capital. Similar rallies were held in Frankfurt and Hamburg.

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