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WATCH: Massive landslide sweeps 8 HOUSES out to sea in Norway as residents run for their lives

WATCH: Massive landslide sweeps 8 HOUSES out to sea in Norway as residents run for their lives
Incredible eyewitness footage showing the exact moment a huge landslide swept eight houses out to sea in northern Norway was captured by a shocked resident, as panicked locals fled for their lives with seconds to spare.

The breathtaking scene occurred in Kraknes, Alta, on Wednesday morning. As eyewitness video shows, the land itself appeared to liquify and sweep the properties out to sea, churning the buildings in its path into rubble as they entered the water. 

The owner of one of the eight houses, Jan Egil Bakkeby, had noticed a crack in the street the day before, but opted to stay put overnight.

On Wednesday, Bakkeby heard a loud crack and, upon noticing the 2,000-foot wide and 500-feet high gap, fled from his house before turning around to capture the jaw-dropping video showing the plot of land as it was launched out to sea. An unfortunate dog named Raya was pulled along for the ride of its life.

“A dog that was taken by the slide and swept into the sea rescued itself, swam ashore and is alive,” Torfinn Halvari, from the local Finnmark police told Norway's NTB newswire of the plucky pup.

The localized land instability lasted for several hours and one person had to be rescued from their property, though there were no reports of injuries or fatalities. Police launched an air and sea rescue operation which ended at around 7pm local time once everyone was accounted for.

Several smaller landslides occurred throughout the rest of the day, and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) have warned there will likely be ongoing instability in the area for several days.

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