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2 Jun, 2020 16:50

Ming the pantless! Politician caught on VIDEO stream attending European parliament in underwear

Ming the pantless! Politician caught on VIDEO stream attending European parliament in underwear

Irish politician Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan has taken video conferencing calamities to extraordinary new heights by being caught on camera attending a European Parliament committee in his underpants.

MEPs have been participating in European Parliament debates via video link due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development was plodding along at a pedestrian pace on Tuesday when all-of-a-sudden Flanagan was beamed onto the screens of everyone watching, sitting on a bed in a state of undress.

When putting his questions to the chairman the politician was seemingly unaware that the camera was showing his exposed bottom half.

“Thank you very much Commissioner Hahn. Obviously at all times we should be trying to get the maximum bang for our buck,” the Irish MEP said, while rubbing his bare legs.

“In countries like Ireland where people are on smaller payments, these farmers are even suffering further,” he added.

The scene appeared to be too much for the interpreters who were translating Flanagan’s words as they would be heard struggling to fight back laughter as he spoke.

When Flanagan wrapped up his contribution, committee chair MEP Norbert Lins could be seen grinning as he thanked the Irish man for his comments.

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The eccentric Irish politician, who has long been known as ‘Ming’ because he styles his beard in the way of Ming the Merciless from the Flash Gordon comic strip, made light of the incident on Twitter, explaining that he had just returned from a run.

“Was in a T-shirt two minutes before. Decided to put on [a] shirt to look respectable! That worked really well,” he wrote.

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